Site Map

White Oak Campground Site Map

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White Oak Campground Policies

  • EACH SITE: Rates structured for one family of two adults and two children under 18. We are a family campground! No un-chaperoned groups.
  • VISITOR POLICY AND FEES: Guests are welcome to visit. They must register at the office before entering into the park. Visitors must pay in advance and are welcome to use all the campground facilities. Guests staying overnight in their own unit will be charged a site fee. Visitors may not enter the park after 9:00PM without being preregistered by the camper.
  • RESERVATIONS AND DEPOSITS: Reservations can be made for 2 nights with a $50 deposit per site, 3-4 nights $100, 5-7 nights $150, more than 7 nights 50% deposit. Deposits must be made when booking the reservation. Checks will be accepted for advanced deposits only. We will NOT accept checks at check-in.
  • NO REFUNDS: There are no refunds for early departures or inclement weather. No refunds or credits are given for holiday weekends.
  • PET POLICY: Two Pets are permitted per campsite. Fighting breeds such as Rootweilers, Dobermans & Pit Bulls are not permitted. We ask that you follow the PA laws and keep dogs on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your pet, even on your own site. Do not leave you pet unattended. Copies of rabies vaccinations are required upon request.
  • ALCOHOL is NOT permitted off the campsite. 6 people are permitted on a campsite at a time.
  • QUIET HOURS are 10:00PM to 8:00AM. Please, no loud talking, radios, TV or other noises during quiet hours. We reserve the right to evict anyone creating a disturbance and no refund will be given in such an event.
  • CHILDREN under 18 must be at their campsite by 10:00PM. Bicycles must obey the 5mph speed limit. Helmets are required. Motorized bikes, scooters, skateboards etc. are prohibited with the exception of those used by the handicapped/disabled.
  • FIRES are permitted in fire rings only. Please do not move fire rings. Do not leave fires unattended.
  • Please do NOT cut, mutilate or debark any trees (dead or alive). Violators will be evicted.